Feral Animal Management Services


As you know feral pigs were introduced into Australia via the first Australian settlement. Today its estimated there are a total of 24 MILLION feral pigs. Not only have they been causing havoc on Australia’s natural fauna and native animals they also carry disease that affect humans, cattle, horse and dogs.

We have been professionally eradicating wild boar, Macropods (kangaroos) and wild deer for over 19 years. We have been accredited to sell the meat to the chillers to be used as pet foods. In being accredited we have had to do yearly audits and have to follow all procedures and paperwork followed with the accreditation as well as the highly import accuracy test for shooting. Daniel has done feral pest shoots before in helicopters in the past but now with the new laws in place he is looking into his Ariel Platform ticket. Were there have been no means to sell the meat of the feral pest we head out and camp for weeks at a time to help reduce the numbers of the feral pigs in the area and have found it a great way to be doing a job that we can take our family with while being in the bush. We have a Honda buggy we used to access remote parts of the property. We use rifles and dogs to control and eradicate feral boars and pigs get smart with choppers and will often squat or hide not run so that's were dogs are able to find and them for us. We have drone we use to survey the area to see where the most pig activity is and can also assist in finding the pigs even in high crops. At night time we use the thermal technology to also assist as most game animals are active during the night.

In our years of hunting, we have come across many feral pigs that have been affected with brucellosis and this cause a great risk to cattle as they can cause infertility in cattle and horses if it’s passed from pigs to other stock. We have personally known a lot of people also infected by this disease resulting in hospitalization for some time. Its also common for dogs to catch it and the best way to notice it is to look at the male gentiles (testicles) and they are quite large. Below is an extreme case of a wild boar we caught over 10 years ago in the Mackay region that was infected with brucellosis.

Pig Damage to Swamps  distruction made in a few days image taking via our drone


Whist out hunting we have thermal imaging technology we use to find game animals and has helped us a lot to find and eradicate wild dogs. We have also got a few wild dog traps and Both Daniel and myself (Natasha) have attending wild dog trapping schools. We have found it very affective whilst hunting at night getting the wild dogs and feral cats as you know they both are highly destructive on small native animals and the wild dogs on cattle. With our experience of the years with different properties using baiting programs even twice a year we have found that a lot of the dogs have got smart and trained the young not to touch them as we have seen trail camera footage of them smelling a bait and leaving. Although we are not saying to stop baiting, we feel that its important to be actively trying to trap and find at night with thermal imaging to find wild dogs to help reduce the numbers and get those cunning dogs.

If you have a feral pest problem and would like help on your property please feel free to contact us via email : boaring.australia@gmail.com


wild pigs destroying swamps for magpie geese nesting grounds


Nat walking creeks to help find wild boar